Girls Varsity Track · Senior Spotlight: Brenna Keen

This is week two of our track and field senior spotlights! This week we’ll be highlighting Brenna Keen!

When it comes to track senior Brenna Keen one word should come to mind: strong. Throughout her three years on the squad, the senior member of the throws crew has proved her power and strength time and time again, overcoming her initial fears of joining the team to become one of its most valuable contributors.


“My best friend Chanelle Hammond (sprinter) actually made me try track,” Brenna said. “She tried getting me to join our freshman year, but I didn’t want to because I thought I wouldn’t be good enough. Sophomore year came around and she signed me up for everything, so I decided to try it despite my fears. Little did I know that track wasn’t just about running and that later it would become a huge part of my life.”


What started as one of Brenna’s biggest fears became one of her greatest joys; before she knew it, track had given her the gift of incredible mentors and friends that took her confidence to new heights. Two such mentors are throws instructors Coach Mario  and Coach Bridget (Coach Govert).


“Coach Mario and Coach Bridget inspire me,” Brenna said. “They constantly push me to be my best and they never stop believing in me. The event I chose is hard, but they taught me that no matter how hard things get, you never give up, you just keep pushing yourself.”


Keeping up with the constant grind of being a dedicated track and field athlete can be a taxing feat, but Brenna says her mentors have always helped her through the tough times.


“Through every struggle and frustrated moment, they have been there to lift me back up,” Brenna said. “I can’t thank them enough for everything they do.”

One of Brenna’s most inspirational moments came from a quote Coach Mario once told her.


“He told me, ‘Look forward, don’t stop looking forward. Push yourself Brenna…you are strong’,” Brenna said. “He’s literally the coolest coach I’ve met, and makes me laugh 24/7! If I had to be stuck on a desert island with one of the coaches, it would easily be him!”


Brenna’s never-quit, unstoppable attitude is something she’ll take with her through this last track season and beyond, and she wants to share it with all the underclassmen who will be returning next year.


“If I have any advice for the underclassmen it’s that you can do anything you put your mind to,” Brenna said. “Show up to practice, be on time, and believe in yourself. No matter how good or bad you think you are, just remember that you are strong and you are capable of the unimaginable.”


Brenna is an incredible role model for her teammates. She has fashioned some undeniably close relationships with them over the years, and made memories to last a lifetime.


“My favorite memory is my sophomore year bus ride to the Indoor State Championships,” Brenna recalled. “There was only a select number of people on the bus, and we sang the entire ride there until it got dark out! The funny thing is, the songs we played never stayed the same genre; I will never forget that bus ride.”

Though she’s created lasting bonds with the team as a whole, there’s no question who she’ll miss most after her final season.


“I’m going to miss Coach Mario, Coach Bridget, and the many people I’ve become close with over the years,” Brenna said.  “I will miss the unforgettable memories, and the times where I accomplished my hardest goals, but most of all I will miss our tight knit throws group – I love you guys.”


Brenna’s strength and resilience in the throws pit has prepared her for a bright future in life. After graduation, she plans on going to college and studying Psychology to become either a Clinical Psychologist or a Mental Health Counselor.


The Wheeler High School Track Team thanks Brenna for a wonderful three years! Though she herself will move on to accomplish amazing things, her example of strength and dedication will continue to inspire the Wheeler Bearcats for years to come.