Girls Varsity Track · Senior Spotlight: Alicyn Kehoe

This week’s Senior Spotlight features Alicyn Kehoe!

Alicyn Kehoe, a hardworking member of the throws crew, has been a part of the track team since she was in seventh grade. A multisport athlete, Kehoe competed in soccer in the fall, as well as cheer in the fall and winter, but wanted to find a sport to keep her active in the spring.

“I’ve always been really active,” Kehoe said. “I wanted to keep that going throughout the year, so that’s when I decided to go out for track.”

An incredibly caring and passionate teammate, Kehoe encourages underclassmen to embrace every aspect of practice, inspiring them to put their best foot forward every day.

“Always try your best with everything you’re asked to do,” Kehoe said. “Every drill helps in some way, even if you can’t see it in the moment.”

Kehoe describes herself as a passionate competitor, and says her coaches have all played a significant role in keeping her motivated.

“All the coaches are so inspirational,” Kehoe said. “They always push us to do our best.”

Though it’s clear every coach has been there for Kehoe in various ways over the years, she says Coach Mario in particular has kept the sport fun for her.

“With everything we do for throws he always has something to say,” Kehoe said. “He laughs all the time, and makes all of us laugh too.”

“My favorite quote from Coach Mario is, ‘Just gotta do it’,” Kehoe continued.

Kehoe says her favorite team memories come from just having fun with everyone at practice every day, though she also commented on the elaborate karaoke sessions that are always happening on the team bus rides.

“We have a lot of good singers on the team, but the best one in my opinion is Bryce Catherman,” Kehoe said. “He gets really into every song he sings. He literally screams it at the top of his lungs!”

After a long day spent in the throws ring, Kehoe likes to rest up and enjoy her favorite post meet meal: a subway sandwich.

As her high school track and field career starts winding down, Kehoe has her eyes set on the future. She plans on attending a local college, and majoring in business.

“Right now, I’m considering either IUN or PNW,” Kehoe said. “I’d like to become an entrepreneur and open up a daycare someday.”

The Wheeler High School track team congratulates Alicyn Kehoe on a successful four years, and wishes her the very best as she competes in her final season.