Boys Varsity Track · Boys and Girls teams prove their worth outside of Porter County

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Wheeler High School 2nd 0

The past two meets the Bearcat track and field teams have had to travel outside of their own county to prove how tough they can be against outside competition. On April 20th, both boys and girls competed at the always tough Laporte Invitational in Laporte County. With much bigger schools in attendance like Michigan City, Laporte, and Hobart, the Bearcats hung tough with them with some great individual performances. While the meet wasn’t officially scored, some individuals that took home medals were:

Thad Martz – High Jump
Amaya Turner – 200 (Meet Record)
Amaya Turner – 400 (Meet Record)
Emma Hellwege – 800
Emma Hellwege, Elena Giorgi, Hailey Orosz, Amaya Turner – 4×800 Relay

Great job to everyone!

The following Thursday, the ‘Cats went the opposite way, this time traveling to Lake County and competing in the Highland Invitational hosted by Highland High School. This meet gives a different feel as you see more teams that you wouldn’t normally see till the Regional. After a really long night, the Bearcat boys placed 3rd and the Bearcat girls placed 2nd off of again some impressive individual performances from all 5 phases.
“What’s important and great to see is that the athletes are seeing is themselves improving whether it’s in their time or their places, it’s happening at the tail end of the season and it’s not over yet,” Coach Luis Guillen said. “They’ll continue to improve with the (IHSAA) tournament coming in a few weeks.”

Boys Scorers:
Payton Hinkel – 100 (5th)
Stevie Franczek – 800 (2nd)
Liam Hostetler – 800 (7th)
Hudson Hall – 1600 (2nd)
Hudson Hall – 3200 (2nd)
Jacob DeMuth – 3200 (7th)
Jordan DeRolf – 110H (7th)
Jesse Smith – SP (5th)
Jesse Smith – DT (9th)
Bryce Catheman – HJ (2nd)
Bryce Catherman – LJ (7th)
Jake Passauer – LJ (8th)
Evan Nowak, Billy Haak, Jake Passauer, Liam Hostetler – 4×400 Relay (3rd)
Evan Nowak, Stevie Franczek, Bobby Emery, Jacob DeMuth -4×800 Relay (3rd)

Girls Scorers:
Chanelle Hammond – 100 (7th)
Amaya Turner – 200 (1st) (Meet Record/School Record)
Amaya Turner – 400 (1st) (Meet Record/School Record)
Dottie Heuring – 400 (7th)
Hailey Orosz – 800 (2nd)
Elena Giorgi – 800 (5th)
Emma Hellwege – 1600 (1st)
Shelby Stevens – 1600 (7th)
Hailey Orosz – 3200 (1st)
Emily Gaylord – 3200 (3rd)
Jenascia Warnell – 100H (6th)
Jenascia Warnell – 300H (8th)
Anna Capellari – HJ (5th)
Lexi Passaeur – LJ (6th)
Brenna Keen – SP (7th)
Brenna Keen – DT (8th)
Anna Capellari, Chanelle Hammond, Melanie Edmond, Hallie Price – 4×1 (6th)
Filippa Berg, Shelby Stevens, Dottie Heuring, Sarah Gerbick – 4×8 (3rd)
Emma Hellwege, Elena Giorgi, Chanelle Hammond, Amaya Turner – 4×4 (1st)

The boys and girls are competing next at the Kankakee Valley Invitational this Thursday at Kankakee Valley High School.